Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines means having fun at home.

It's typical for teenagers to be so fascinated by Valentines' so it wasn't a surprise when my students asked me about it before our class started.

Students: Doc B, how are you spending your Valentines?
Me: Working in front of my computer.
Students: But shouldn't you be spending it with the one you love?
Me: Exactly.

But that's a joke. I normally do not want to go out of my cave, and especially not on V-Day, where every pair of lovebirds will be occupying every commercial corner that offers romantic discounts.

The first thing I did today was this:

I'm sure everyone knows about the #PaintTheirHandBack campaign that has been trending all over the internet. The hands I pasted on this photo were actually bosses in one of my upcoming games. These were drawn by my former OJT (Eunice Gatdula) and I simply reused them for this purpose. ^_^

Buuut anyway, I always celebrate V-Day indoors by cooking.
While I was making steak, boyfie arrived with these flowers.

These are huuuuge! Here's a photo of comparison with my hand.

Anyway, I had been looking for Meltique steaks a few days ago but couldn't find them in the grocery nearby. So I got something similar but cheaper:

I didn't have high expectations because it's been a while since I cooked steak but wow. This melts in your mouth, too!

I cooked them at medium doneness and they were still so soft.

I also made cheese, fresh basil and garlic quesadilla (using wheat tortillas), which were boyfie's favorites. He likes my quesadilla better than the stuff we usually buy from restaurants.

And for merienda, I whipped up a batch of red velvet pancakes. Sorry for the ultra red photo. It's an Instagram effect.

I made some shortcuts here, unlike the last time I made red velvet pancakes (which were from scratch). I used Maya chocolate pancake mix and added buttermilk to it instead of water.

For the frosting, though, I didn't want to use confectioner's sugar because that kind of sugar always make me think of diabetes. I used coco sugar instead, which gave the cream cheese mixture a sort of coffee-like color.

Anyway...see? I had lots of fun today even though I did not go out of my cave.

This is how I love spending V-Day. ^_^

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  1. This is the way to go because of the horrible traffic and food prices that scream highway robbery.

  2. TRUE! I barely like going out. I can imagine how worse it's going to get when it's V-Day.

  3. Your steak was well-marbled (tama ba un term) kaya malambot even if medium done un pagkaluto mo. Sana meron niyan sa supermarket that I frequent to.
    May I ask what brand of buttermilk do you use?

    Happy Valentine's Day Bea and to your boyfie!


  4. Happy valentines' Michelle!!!

    Yeah, when I saw the marbling, I grabbed it immediately. Haha!

    I made my own buttermilk using fresh milk + lemon juice. (1 cup of milk + 2 tbsp. lemon.) You can also use vinegar instead of lemon. The acidity of the vinegar kasi reacts to the cocoa and gives the batter its red color.


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