Thursday, December 05, 2013

We Are One: A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors

On December 7, from 9AM to 5PM, there will be a LEARNING event for the benefit of Yolanda survivors. I personally think this is like hitting two birds with one stone: LEARNing more while HELPing others.

Here is the schedule of topics:
09:00am Prayer/ Yoga Exercise
09:15am Session 1 – Resilience Is Not Enough (by Coach Randy Esguerra)
10:15am Session 2 – YES! You Can Inspire As You Live! (by Ricky de Vera, MBA, CSP)
11:15am Session 3 – Creating A Personal Vision: You Can Do It If You Can Perceive It (by Boris Joaquin)
12:15pm Lunch
01:15pm Session 4 – Connecting and Engaging Online (by Janette Toral)
02:15pm Session 5 – Victim s. Responsible Mindset (by Joey Reyes)
03:15pm Panel Discussion (by Gwen Pang, JC Libiran and Pochollo Gonzales)
04:15pm Session 6 – Understanding & Appreciating What Happens To You (by Pido Aguilar)
05:15pm Closing

To learn more about this event, you may simply visit the "We Are One: A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors" website, or click to enlarge the top image.

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