Thursday, August 08, 2013

Yummy sweets by Tasty Pastry

There's a new bakery biz that got into my radar recently and it's mostly because it's my room mate Kei's mom that bakes these treats. I really love it whenever Kei arrives from Biñan and she brings in kakanin (like ube halaya and my favorite palitaw) that her mom makes. I thought it was a wonderful idea when they suddenly decided to put up a bake shop called Tasty Pastry.

My first order came in the form of one of my favorite cakes: Brazo de Mercedes. Aaand yeah...I kinda like eating the ends.

On my first bite, I noticed that there's a kick of saltiness (just a liiiiittle bit) in the white area that counteracted the sweetness of the yellow area. I kind of liked that because it prevented the dessert from becoming sickeningly sweet.

And look. The yellow part is really huge!!

This would have been perfect with a cup of completely black brewed coffee...except I can't drink coffee anymore so I'm happy to eat this with a cup of hot herbal tea. The price may change depending on the demand and the price of ingredients, but this cost P170.

These chocolate crinkles are tiny bite-sized ones and are currently priced at P55/box of 16. I think that's a steal. I like that they're bite-sized because you can actually eat more without the umay factor.

Lastly, this is another favorite pastry of mine:

Cream puff!!! They're P60 for a box of 5. I also love eclairs so I'm asking Kei if they could make me some. I'm already drooling at the thought.

Update: They have eclairs now and I've been ordering them on a weekly basis. Also P60.

They make other goodies like polvoron and sylvanas. You can check out more of their offerings on their official Facebook page. Since the business is based in Biñan, you can order from them over the weekend and Kei can bring them over to Makati where we live.

Looking forward to more treats!

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