Tuesday, January 01, 2013

10 Goals for 2013

I don't make resolutions. I make goals (the career-oriented ones I always put in my performance appraisal form). And so far, I think I've met all of them. 2012 was such a fulfilling year for me and I'm hoping my goals for 2013 will be met.

I did not list down my goals last year because I only had two solid ones (#9 & #10) and these are goals I've personally set for myself since 2010.

10. YEARLY GOAL: Travel at least twice a year. It's usually one international and one local destination. Didn't get to go out of the country in 2012 but at least I went to two local destinations.

9. YEARLY GOAL: Participate (and most especially WIN) in a nation-wide competition. This has been a tradition for me every year, but it was in 2012 that I first entered into a team-oriented competition (Philippine Game Development Festival) for the first time. Which my teamsssss won. =^.^= Since I won't be having a team this year, looks like I'm back to personal web development competitions.

8. Hold another art exhibit before March. Though this one is 50-50, considering the budget I need to pull and the amount of concentration I need to muster.

7. Attend international conferences AND/OR have my doctoral dissertation edited for publishing and conference presentations. This one is kinda 50-50 as well because it means that I'd be spreading myself thinly again.

6. Relax from January to February so that I can get back to the game development industry by March.

5. Wrap-up all my legal stuff (expired license, NSO etc.)

4. Pay off all my credit card related debts by June.

3. Invest in a condo of my own starting June. Yeah, I have my eyes set on certain places already. I just have to figure out how to go about it.

2. Be an active blogger again with a regular schedule. And a positive vibe. For starters, I had to convert my profile into a page and will be merging that with my old page soon.

1. Be ready for a love life by June. Nyahahahahahaha! OMGWUT. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tatawa nalang ako ng malakas. Hahahaha!

Sorry for the last image. I have no idea how this is going to turn out so yeah...it's much like that "Guess The Guardian" contest I've been holding once in a while. Could it be Charmander, Omnom or Freedom Gundam? Only time will tell if this road is for me. =^.^=

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  1. I'm with you on #3. But I'm incredibly ignorant about loans and downpayments and other related stuff so I definitely need help in that department, haha.

    My other goals would be to practice yoga more regularly and eat more vegetables and drink more water.

    And...if you need help editing your dissertation, I'm available :) Happy New Year!

  2. Wow, really? For my dissertation? My prof said I'd have to remove the RRL and lots of other preliminary discussions so I could go straight to the findings. It would probably shorten my work by half.

    I have problems about loans too, so I'd probably ask my parents for help with that.

    Oh and yeah... I just converted my FB profile into a page. XD Too bad it doesn't let me subscribe to people. So now I'm looking for my friends who have FB pages that my page could like. Wah.

  3. You go girl! Sana magka-oras ka na din social-life wise hehe.

  4. Yes, I'm making sure my Jan and Feb (mostly Feb cos Jan is for fixing my personal life haha) will be very very very free. We have to meet up soon with the gals!

  5. Good luck to your goals! I want to get a condo too! Hehehe :)

  6. Thanks Melai! Hopefully your 2013 will be very promising too. Lakas loob nalang talaga to get that condo haha.


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