Thursday, August 04, 2011

Office Arcade Eklavoo

Wow. This should have been posted around a month ago, haha! Anyway, we have a tradition here in the office. It is a gaming company and even though we mostly produce casual games, everyone in here is a hardcore gamer. During lunch breaks, people would eat quickly so they can play DOTA.

Not me. I am one of those few people who valued the old school novelty of our arcade machine.

One lunch break, however, we arcade peeps found our administrative officer sleeping so soundly. Of course, we didn't want to wake her up. Well. I was desperate enough so...

Yeah, I started by pushing the darned thing into the interview room. The engineering team found me so Marvin started helping me, highly amused at what I had been doing. Of course, Arcade Master Felix and arcade Mistress Vana helped with the arrangements.

Alone with the arcade machine, at last!! There's Marvin right beside me.

Felix and Saowee positioned themselves. I usually just want to watch at first.

Ready for battle. These simple joys, really.

And then there's Vana, who usually starts off by telling Felix, "You're going down!"

Observe the level of concentration. Hehehe.

My turn. I actually suck at arcade fighting games. Well, I just generally suck at arcade games, period. Never got used to that joystick. But still, literally beating Felix up after losing a game is kinda worth it. (Joke!!)

As soon as lunch break was over, we returned the arcade machine to its proper place. And then pretended that nothing really happened.


(That was actually the beginning. It took us around 10 minutes to set up that first time around. Later, Felix and Vana would learn how to set the whole thing up in less than 5 minutes. But only when the administrative officer is asleep do we need to push the arcade into the room. Hehe.)

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  1. good job. in our office, playing games is a terminable offense. :( you look really lovely in your outfit, although sometimes i have a feeling that you didn't realize it.

  2. Your office counds like a cool place to work in.  =)

  3. "i have a feeling that you didn't realize it."

    Because I manhandling the machine? Hahaha! Actually Saowee said that it didn't feel right that I was wearing a skirt at that time.

    Thanks for the compliment! :D

  4. Oh, it is! It's actually kind of hectic and grueling, but having these little things (like the arcade machine) sort of helps alleviate the stress. :D

  5. i remember this day, i mean when you wore this outfit...rebel in a skirt ka pala :P

  6. Sword na nga lang ang kulang Mitsuru na. Feeling! Hihihihi!

  7. this is sooo cool!!! i wish i am also good at playing these games... you look so cute in your outfit :) love it!

  8. Thanks!! I suck at playing those games, too. But I still play anyway. (Same way as I love playing pool even though I could never get the hang of it.)

  9. Napansin ko din ang outfit mo. :)) I wish I had an arcade machine I could just play whenever I want! Not that my future office will let that happen XD

  10. Haha, it was the same outfit dun sa outfit of the day ko, because this happened on the same day. :D

  11. How I wish we have an arcade machine / machines in our office. XD


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