Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Japanese School Girl Mode. Meep!

Here at Anino Games, people are eccentric. LOL. Actually, we love our job so much that we try to make things fun everyday (so that we don't seem so geeky). One of the things we Anino girls do, living in a male-dominated, wear-shirt-jeans-and-trainers organization, is to have certain days where we dress up.

Sometimes, Tuesdays would be our official skirt days. Unfortunately (fortunately?), at the last minute on Monday night (July 11), Nikka, the lead QA, decided to do a Japanese schoolgirl look. I was like...LOLWUT!? I mean, you fresher grads can get away with it. Whattabaoutmeh??

I think I had about three "costume changes" in the morning before deciding to just wear my heeled rubber shoes so I could still keep the oneechan aura.

This was taken at the end of the day and I wasn't too happy with the haggard countenance so I'm going to put dear old Pikachu (designed by Ken Sugimori) on top of my face. Wore my mom's top, my mom's skirt and my favorite pair of heeled rubber shoes.

Here is one of the shots Communications Officer Vana took for our recruitment page. This is actually one of my favorite photos of the bunch. From left to right: Software Engineer Felix, QA Kristine, and me.

Our QA on-the-job-trainees (OJTs) Xiao Supapo and Jamie Pua. Aren't they as cute as buttons? Don't you just want to work for us now? (JOKE!!!)

QA's Kristine and Nikka. Looking at them, it's hard to believe that everyone here passed rigorously geeky entrance exams and interviews, ne?

I can assure you, these girls are just as smart as they are pretty.

We obviously had this photo shoot after office hours. Hahaha!

But as we all know, girls just wanna have fun...especially after a long day of game development.

(Although we had to encounter creepy constructicons while we were buying snacks at 7-11. I should have brought a sword, like Mitsuru of Persona 3.)

Here is the final photo that appears on our recruitment page, this time with "Teacher Dana". Short of saying, join us! Hehehehe. Click for a larger view.

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  1. Hi to you and Nikka (known her since college)! :) And to the reappearance of your awesome shoes. :p

  2. Kari! Yeah! Nikka just told me when we passed by each other on my way out. :D

  3. nice nice! ang kulit nyo...hahaha...looks like you all had fun during the photoshoot! i wonder what's next week's theme would be?

  4. I really like your curls here! And you're easily the prettiest.  You should influence them to be more kikay! :D  Also, natawa naman ako puro kay mama yung mga suot mo :))

  5. baket may pikachu, you look ok naman on the pic below it ah. at least, you do it for yourselves lang, not for the clients. i have seen women on drab corporate get up kase yun yung acceptable dressing norm for client call duties.

  6. ang cute!!!! i love your rubber shoes! it goes so well with your outfit! :) pretty!

  7. aand here's the infamous japanese schoolgirl attire eh? next time uniforms na talaga! hahahaha!

  8. Nikka's always the one cooking up themes. We're trying to include the boys, too. Hahaha!

  9. Actually, Nikka's the most kikay there. And they're all very pretty in person. I just probably suck at taking photos. LOL!

  10. Ah, kasi the pic above, end-of-day photo na yun. Pagod na pagod na ako by then (because I come in at 6.30AM so I really look worn out by 6.30PM).

    Haha, I don't have to worry about my clients because they're all overseas. One of the reasons why I'm very early is that two of my clients are from Seattle, although I've been quite lucky that some of my clients are from Hong Kong (same time as ours).

  11. Thanks! I love those shoes as well! I should treat myself to another pair. Haha!

  12. Baka super hindi ko na carry yun. Hahahaha!

  13. Bea
    Ang cute ng outfits niyo! Like like like!

  14. The women of Anino.haha. ;p

  15. you actually look good on a skirt because you look so student-ish. not that there's nothing wrong of being a doctor. hahahaha.

  16. Except my boyfriend looks like a highschooler that he is still being carded even though he's close to 30.


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