Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vegetarian Kitteh

It has become harder and harder to feed Kirara these days. We suspect that it's those cheap cat food that she likes eating, much like how we regular people prefer to munch on chips than eat real food. (Here she is, resting on my lap, despite her awkward position.)

Right now we're feeding her kitty food. -_-; Because that's all she will eat.

And uh... leaves. -_-;;;

You know, like the ones you see on flower vases and potted plants. Here, she first sniffs them. It's not too obvious that she's chewing on them, but anyway, we moved that vase to another table.

And she followed it all the way to the other table.

Oh. She also eats the flowers.

It's been said that cats chew on leaves to aid with their digestion, which might actually be a wonderful thing. Sometimes I am amazed at how animals compensate for their lack of complex intelligence by knowing instinctively what's good for them. I just wish she'd eat real food to balance things out, though.

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  1. Aint she a real tresure? :) Well, I can relate, my dog eats the pandan leaves from the garden. But she still loves her dog food.

  2. Adult cat food. Hahaha! Our previous cat, Xiu Mai, wanted to eat only the most expensive brand. This one wants the cheapest. LOL.

  3. Wow, at least it's pandan. Pandan smells great! <3

  4. Stop feeding cheap food! They're full of fillers that cats don't really need (corn, among others). Makes them susceptible to diabetes because they end up eating a lot of carbohydrates which should not be their main diet. Protein is. 

    I've done a lot of research on cat nutrition when Qish got really sick in 2009. Talk about being an OC pet momma hehe :)

  5. did you take her to the doctor? maybe the doc will prescribe for her a nutroplex for cats? or something of that sort? vitamins for cats?

  6. Yikes!! Yun nga eh, that's why we shifted her diet to expensive kitty food kasi that's the only thing she eats. We worry for her kidneys kasi. Maybe we can cross her over to real adult food after we wean her off the kitty food.

    Oh and she absolutely refuses to eat wet food. Wah!

  7. Naku, I don't drink vitamins (or meds) myself (unless super forced to, like pag ulcer and I can't ingest anything) because I believe they're hazardous to the liver. It might be the same way for cats.


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