Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Solo Gift Pack Winner

Gosh. I am so sorry for this delay. I had exams and Monday night was horrifying, because I ate bad empanada that went to my head so I was taking my exams while I was actually sick. (As if the test questions weren't excruciating enough.) I swear I will be staying away from empanada for a while...

Anyway, because of that, I had to ask my best friend Cris for help with the decision of who the winner will be. So without further ado, the winner of the Solo gift pack that contains a pair of shades, a bracelet and a bottle of perfume is...

That was a very descriptive, creative and cheerful contest entry, with photos that accompany the eco-friendly, family-oriented narrative. Her complete entry can be found here. (You can actually attach photos on the comments section of, if you don't have a blog.)


You can view the other Solo contest entries on this page. Anyhoo, for the winner, please contact me via this form, so we can talk about sending arrangements. (I actually prefer to give it in person since I'm afraid for that fragile perfume bottle, but if you don't live in Metro Manila maybe we can arrange things.)

As for those who are still hungry for contests, I have one up my sleeve (hair related + gift certificates) that I will be rolling out as soon as I'm done with exams. Hm. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever run out of stuff to give away. There are still unclaimed items here that I plan to raffle off to all members of Skysenshi's Hermitage.

Plus, don't forget to try for a PS3, an HP Mini or a Casio G-Shock watch through the Snickers Hungerlings Attack game. That contest is until May 15.

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  1. wow congrats sis Esvi!

  2. congrats to the winner! your readers are hoping that you will not run out of stuff to give so that we have more chances of winning, hihihi:)

  3. Yeah, every time I clean out my room, more stuff comes in. Gosh. Nalulunod na naman ako sa freebies.

  4. LOL, sana GCs na lang para madaling i-file, i-organize, at i-send. :D

  5. TY so much...^^
    TY po mga sis..


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