Sunday, March 20, 2011

O shoes-ko! Lead me not into temptation!

I've been trying to stop myself from shopping but one of the difficult things about being a hermit is that...well, almost everything's accessible to me with just a click of a button. (I'm too lazy and unsocial to go out but look where that leads me!)

Like this pair I saw from UkayManila. -_-;;; Yup, completely forgot my shopping ban because of these babies.

Mygosh, you cannot believe how comfy these are!

They're not very sturdy, though, because the heels popped off during one of the events I attended (HSBC Favorite things). That was only the second time I had used them. But since they're so adorable, I had them repaired. They're very inexpensive anyway and UkayManila has always been one of my favorite shopping places because not only do they have interesting collections, their customer service is also top notch.

There's also this thing about the way I walk. Which is BAAAAD. My sister keeps complaining that her footwear and mine get damaged in the same area whenever I use them. This was the reason I grew up with Greggs, the sturdiest brand of school shoes I owned as a kid, because my mom thought I was born to kill footwear.

Anyway, now that this pair is good as brand spanking new, I'm back to enjoying them again.

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  1. Looks very comfy nga! And it's a great statement shoes with it's colors :)

  2. Yeah! I love how vibrant the colors are! :D

  3. first, diamond, second shoes ands bags. ohhhh, women's best friends.

  4. Ah, no, I'm not a jewelry person, nor am I a bag person. Hehe. My first best friend is my Macbook, then PSP, then my DS, then shoes. =P Can't be a kikay geek if all my best friends are kikay stuff.

  5. The HSBC shoes! hehe Gregg din shoes ko nun bata ako Hindi nasisira kaya laging luma sapatos ko ahha

  6. Haha, I'm seeing a trend here...most women love quirky shoes because they grew up on Gregg. Hahaha!


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