Monday, January 31, 2011

Chillin' after a long shoot at Yakimix Greenbelt

Yeah, yeah, I actually didn't want to blog about something that everyone else has already talked about but I only experienced Yakimix last month. (Yay, loser is me!) After an exhausting shoot, I decided to treat the people who assisted me with my project and I brought them here. Well, it's just really Lei, Rose and Cris...the models had gone home the night before.

The Eat-All-You-Can buffet is PhP580 per head and because I was being kuripot, we kind of stayed for 3 hours in there, sampling every dish. The buffet queue was long, though, so I wasn't able to take photos of what they had. Suffice to say that they had a mix of Asian cuisine, the most predominant of which are Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

I like the concept of cooking your own food, but I actually prefer their pre-cooked dishes more.

Photo Gallery:

Pork kebabs. Obviously Lei's and Rose's because I don't eat pork. Haha!

Squid and bacon-like strips.

Assorted cooked and raw meats. You should separate them for hygienic reasons.

Ice cream! Well, this wasn't the only one I had. I repeatedly went back to the dessert station for ice cream and pops.

Just Rose and Lei. I forgot to take photos of myself and Cris. I got busy pigging out as soon as I let go of the camera. Haha!

Gosh, we were so full, I could swear we needed to be rolled out of there!

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  1. I've always wanted to try this at MOA. Good to know there's a branch in Greenbelt! Will definitely try this out when I go to Manila. :)

  2. Ooh! It's sulit. This is probably one of the cheapest buffets I know...unless you go to Cebu. Hehehe!

  3. hey, i think i'm the biggest lose here... haven't been there yet! :))) ang layo eh!

  4. Hm. MoA and Greenbelt lang ba may Yakimix? Sana mas marami pa.

  5. Hi,

    glad to have stumbled on this site. I was wondering if you'd like to exchange links with any of my two sites.

    my email is, just in case. thanks.

    and oh, those were really really expensive starbucks planners the last time i checked. :)

  6. Hello! Ooh, toyspedia really caught my attention (although the other blog is also funny) because it's somewhat related to my blog's favorite topics.

  7. I love Yakimix :)Last month lang din ako naka kain dun. haha! They also have a branch in Tomas Morato and Trinoma :)

  8. I've dined at yakimix for hmm...4th time na ata! ewan ko ba..I am so boring though, you know what keeps me back and forth the area? Its the MISO SOUP! anobers!!!! hahahah :)

  9. @Nikki
    Every time I get to the end of the queue, the things that I like always run the miso soup...and the tempura. Wah!


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