Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nathaniel's Bakeshop

Having spent my entire life in the South, I get really amazed whenever my BFF Cris takes me to foodie treasure troves in the North.

One day, she asked me if I had ever tasted Nathaniel's meat pies. The answer would be obvious, since I have never lived in Quezon City. The only time I'd actually go to that city is when I have a class in UP Diliman. Anyway, we took a short trip to Nathaniel's and brought these home:

The ever famous meat pie. I love how creamy and flavorful this is.

Delectable siomai! Ok, sorry, I nearly forgot to take a photo. I was halfway through my meal when I remembered that my Lumix, Shin-Chan2, was waiting for me to take a shot of the siomai (shown here with some of the leftover rice my sister took home that night). Urgh.

Hm. Ok, now I'm hungry again. -_-;;;

Nathaniel's is located at:
ITC Commercial Complex, Panay corner Timog Avenue
Quezon City. Telephone number: 332-1305.

SUPER EDIT: I just found out that Nathaniel's is owned by the family of my former student Faye Co. Wow! Talk about coincidence.

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  1. I love meat pies! There are so many kinds but my most favorite are Welsh pasties (that's what they call them here at least). I had some in New Jersey of all places and they were so good. :D

    Reading this makes me wonder if I should name my Lumix? But I never name my electronics so I think I'll skip doing that.

  2. @TAO
    Sometimes I wonder if naming gadgets (and cars) is a girl thing. Haha!

  3. miss try their buko pandan, lasagna and palabok its to die for! hahaha


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