Monday, November 01, 2010

Serenitea in BF

My friend Rebie and I were scheduled to brainstorm for our December exhibit and we were looking for a place to meet. Not having tried Serenitea -- when almost every other friend had already tried it -- I suggested we meet there. This branch is in BF. From the photos I've seen online, I had the impression that it would be dimly lit and cozy. It's actually very bright in there, since the sun seems to favor it so much.

The branch has been around for a year now, but I think the cashier is quite used to familiar people visiting the place because I had to painstakingly draw out information from her. I didn't know what those teas were (named after Japanese provinces like Okinawa etc.) and I asked for an explanation. She was nice enough, but spoke as if I should know what "Assam" meant. (I was thinking Indian? Persian? Arab?) Anyway, getting too confused, I decided to order their Malt Milk Tea with pearls and minimal sugar.

(I think they should have something like a graphic menu, stationed at the counter, that would describe what the teas are. Imagine what it would be like if there's a long queue and everyone asked for details.)

Before Rebie and Tin arrived, however, my siblings Tim and Alex, along with Alex's boyfriend Pao, also went to Serenitea. Here's a photo of my little brother Tim in his Halloween costume. I asked my sister if he's supposed to be a wraith...

I actually like how the tables look. They have these quaint little writings on them.

Here's what I ordered for snacks, Pepper Potato. These are fresh potatoes that are fried and I'm guessing...they're dipped in pepper? Arrrr! Cha ordered two of these.

Cris ordered Hash Browns. I think this also had more than your usual share of pepper because the black sprinkles on top of the hash browns were quite visible.

This Chicken Chop is yummier than it looks, trust me. It may seem like something out of a tentacle horror movie, but these babies are surpisingly tender and juicy. My sister and I ordered two plates of these.

I noticed, however, that almost every snack on the menu is peppery. While I still am curious about the snacks that I didn't get -- namely Pepper Tofu and Pepper Corn -- I was afraid my tongue would get tired of being overwhelmed by my usual favorite spice. You know what they say about extremes...

Tin and Rebie ordered the regular sized drinks. I went for the large size because I am a milk tea addict.

Below are more photos of the interiors, plus my companions: Cris and Tim, Pao and Alex, Tin and Rebie, and Cha and Tin.

Serenitea is located at:
268 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes Paranaque

If you're coming from the Lopez side, it's just a little past the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish and Academy One (where my sister took ballet classes, LOL). It's on the side of Pantoja bakery but a little past those beer places.

Oh my gosh, now I am hungry again. These photos are ebul!!

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  1. I used to be so addicted to Serenitea before, I ordered like 2 large drinks everyday for almost 3 months. I can't remember how many loyaltea cards I have consumed but boy, I knew I needed to stop.

    Good thing I did. ahahhaa! You should try their peppered tofu, it was yummy but I agree, their chicken chops is just the best. I have yet to try the pepper fries.

  2. Whoa, that is baaaad for me...getting addicted, I mean. The Chicken Chops are fantastic!! And yup, plan to try the tofu next time. Hihihi!

  3. Congrats for finally being able to try Serenitea! Now you're one of us! :-p

    I miss chicken chops! Last time I went, it ran out. Booo!

  4. I always ordered pepper corn and chicken chop! I love Alex's shirt. Where are you?

  5. @Glenn
    Haha! One of the Serenitea addicts?

    I wanna try the pepper corn next time. Weee! Me? I'm always the photographer so I rarely have photos of me. Haha! (It's rare that I have decent photos if other people take them.)

  6. 1 large drink is not enough for me. I always go for the second round. Chicken chops and pepper corn are my favorites! If only serenitea is near Makati or the fort, I am surely gonna be a loyal customer. :D

  7. @Ed,
    I know what you mean. I only go to BF whenever I visit my parents. If this were in Makati, I'd be there everyday! :D

  8. The food looks delicious - then again, I have this weakness for fried food and sweet stuff. Got to restrain myself. You young people can still enjoy yourself, so enjoy!

  9. I went to Serenitea in this same BF branch and ordered the Hokkaido milk tea and Irish tea. I thought they tasted the same. ^^;;;;

    And I guess for my taste, it's not as spectacular. I was expecting some full flavored milk teas but didn't get it. I also thought that the Irish tea would be different because there's liquer in it but it tasted the same as the Hokkaido.

    Yesterday, Leki and I went. I tried the Mango Yakult tea and was disappointed at the flavor. Tastes like air freshener to me.

    But my friend who introduced me to it is an addict. She's probably a stockholder! haha! The way she frequents the place...which incidentally, she's the girl behind Tim on your 2nd photo! (What are the chances? Haha! Oh wait... she's there all the time, so the probability is high! haha!)

  10. Hm. I think full-flavored milk teas are European? Earl grey is one of my favorite full-flavored milk teas (though I only drink that in the morning). Serenitea is very Oriental, I think, since it's mild.

    Re: your friend. What are the chances nga! Haha!

  11. @Passionate Blogger
    Hafta restrain, too. Which was why I ordered a huge serving of milk tea. Hehe.

  12. Seems like I'll enjoy the Pepper Potato too. Do they have green tea as well?

  13. @MinnieRunner
    They have jasmine green tea. :) Hm, sounds like an interesting combination.

  14. i recently went to Serenitea too and blogged about it! :D But i went to the san juan branch. happy to see another milk tea lover :D

  15. Hi, Smarla! Thanks for dropping by. Looks like a lot of bloggers like Serenitea. :D

  16. Hi, Smarla! Thanks for dropping by. Looks like a lot of bloggers like Serenitea. :D

  17. Seems like I'll enjoy the Pepper Potato too. Do they have green tea as well?

  18. @Passionate Blogger
    Hafta restrain, too. Which was why I ordered a huge serving of milk tea. Hehe.


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