Saturday, October 02, 2010

Starbucks VIA

When my friends started blogging about Starbucks VIA (some positive like Rowena's and Jenny's, and some negative like Elvert's), which is the company's answer to instant coffee, I got a little curious. I did go over to Starbucks to buy myself two of their flavors, Colombia and Italian Roast. Um. You'd have to drag me to hell if you want to convince me to get anything decaf so I skipped their Decaffeinated. Heh.

Each PhP130 pack contains 3 mini-packs (3 servings equivalent) and you get a fourth mini-pack for free. At least, for now. I wonder how long this promo will last, though.

I usually take my morning coffee with cream to start me up. Afternoons are for black, which goes well with sinful desserts like pastries and donuts. Since I have been avoiding overly sweet goodies lately, my coffee time now strictly happens during the morning.

I had to taste VIA both ways. I'm not very picky about my morning coffee. I would drink instant without complaints. My black coffee, however, I am very particular with. It has to be brewed. I must admit that my tongue isn't as keen as Elvert's. I could hardly taste the difference.

Of course, if subjected to a taste test comparing brewed and VIA, I would immediately identify which one is brewed. But if I was given only VIA, with nothing to compare it with, I might think it is brewed.

Conclusion? Well, the marketing peeps over at Starbucks had it correct. It is the closest an instant coffee has ever come to brewed.

My daily morning coffee.

The good news is, another friend, who just tried VIA but still swore allegiance to brewed gave me his three packs: Italian Roast, Colombia and Decaf. I balked at the sight of decaf but he said I could just probably raffle it off, since it's just going to waste away in his cupboard.

And raffle the three off I will. To join the raffle, simply:
  1. Become a member of Skysenshi's Hermitage by liking the Facebook page so that you can...
  2. Like this photo of Starbucks VIA. This way, I can easily collect your names and run them through the randomizer, which will cough up the winner.
That's it.

I will draw the raffle on October 9, 2010 at around 10PM. Good luck!

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