Monday, October 25, 2010

Hana Yori Dango fashion and a survey about contest prizes

I finally relented and reviewed a live action "J-Dorama" at The Otaku Fridge. It's Hana Yori Dango, a  soap opera that was based on a comic book of the same name and Meteor Garden's Japanese counterpart. I can't stop raving about the women's clothes, especially the ones worn by the older ladies.

Anyway, looks like I have to transfer all of my Japan-related posts there now, especially my J-POP music reviews. If ever I do come up with a special feature for Muji or Saizen, it will all be located there.

+ + +

Anyway, I'm going to try utilizing the discussion area of the Facebook Fan Page. I need to do a survey on possible contest prizes for members of Skysenshi's Hermitage. It seems every time I do spring cleaning, I always find so many unopened expired items that should've been given away while they were still in their best condition. Most of them are cosmetics. Meep!

I also have a surplus of stationery and planners. The planners have become such a waste, since they're now practically useless. Who would want to use a 2009 planner when 2010 is about to end? Plus, can you imagine how many men's stuff I threw out because...well, I'm not a dude? So now I'm on the lookout for possible contest prizes from among my freebies. (I've been getting a lot. Whew!) If I know people are interested in them, at least I wouldn't have to throw them all away.

So here's my little survey question for those who religiously join my contests:

You can actually answer this at the Hermitage's discussion area. The question is: "What other prizes would you like me to give away?" (Just click the link to answer the question. Thanks!)

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  1. Ako gusto ko make up damit hmmm GCs haha
    Hey thanks for the comment ah

  2. "Who would want to use a 2009 planner when the year is about to end?"

    2009 ended last year pa :D

  3. @Michelle
    Yeah, oo nga pala. Kaso puro mga items talaga andito sakin. Haha!

    Oo nga naman. Mas nakakaloka. Hahaha!


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