Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Salt (2010 movie) Mini-Review and Fish & Co. with Mom and Sis

Salt Mini-Review
Um. I love Angelina Jolie but...this movie has plot holes the size of Africa. While many conspiracy theories could make the story work, you can't help but notice that many human factors were not taken into consideration.

In summary: There were many uncomfortable cheesy scenes. Then when you actually need the cheese, it's totally devoid of emotion. Many of the double agents are also too dumb to pass for even regular secret agents. This movie is just slightly more intelligent than Naked Weapon (starring Maggie Q., Daniel Wu and Anya Wu), but the latter at least had well-choreographed action sequences.

The only thing that saved this vehicle from total blah-ness was Angelina Jolie herself.

Fish & Co. with Mom and Sis
We're all fish lovers and we like the fact that Fish & Co. has huge servings. We had dinner here just before watching Salt. Turns out that they're having a bunch of promos, which was good because we didn't feel like eating too much.

We availed of The Best Fish and Chips in Town, which came with a free "For Me" version. It's the first time I've heard of "For Me" and it's their answer to people who could never finish off a single Fish & Co. dish.

Um, we finished off the "For Me" plate before I remembered to take a photo. This is the regular serving. I think it's good for three people because the butter-based sauce can make you dizzy if you try to eat this by yourself.

Oh and I love their strawberry lemonade, which is bottomless. I normally don't go bottomless because I can't finish a single glass of anything. If you gave me their strawberry lemonade, however, I might be able to go through three glasses.

It was a great night of female bonding (my brother Tim and my Dad had their own boys' night out).

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  1. Yay! You posted the photo where I wasn't looking like a skeleton! :D

  2. because yellow light is flattering. it removes the bumps and fattens people up.


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