Thursday, August 05, 2010

Finally! My Special Finds: Robinson's First Bloggers Event Part 3

Part 1: Lunch at Thai Kitchen
Part 2: Glamorized Scavenger Hunt

Continued from Glamorized Scavenger Hunt...
My last two years as an academic head and a graduate student had been very hectic. My creativity suffered and my brain has ceased to function the way it used to. In fact, I've started to write like a bot translator. Plus, I've been feeling the emptiness in my head for a couple of months now. My classmates called it "burn out". So when I set out to do Robinsons Galleria's challenge in unearthing that "Great Find", I was determined to make sure that my finds would help me recover from my burn out.

Saizen had actually proven to be therapeutic.

These are double-ended colored pencils I arranged on top of an sketch book. Well, I do have an unopened set of colored chalk/charcoal water-soluble pencils stored at home. I was supposed to use them on illustrations (on canvas) that I haven't been able to finish because I had been mired in research work and administrative duties. These "practice" pencils and pad might help jolt me out of my creative slump before I begin using the more difficult medium.

Saizen also has a lot of paints in different colors and types: acrylic, poster, oil, watercolor etc. They even have rare colors that are not available in regular art shops. I would recommend these to many of our painting majors, since each only cost P85.

And these brushes! Saizen has every kind imaginable. Again, only P85 each. Palettes are also available but I usually just make use of white paper (or board) whenever I mix paints so I skipped them. The brushes and paints, on the other hand, are a must-have.

Ok, I'm guilty of buying a hair accessory just because it's pretty. I actually have noooo idea how to use this as it's so huge! But look at the details. Isn't it lovely? I'm sure I'll find some use for this or just simply ask my sister how to deal.

This is a portable Monopoly set I got from Toys R Us. My stay in the toy store had been long since I didn't know what to get. I initially wanted a PSP or DS game for myself but all the games I wanted were no longer available. I went in search of a classic instead. Monopoly is a game that people from all ages -- except ones that might have a tendency to swallow small tokens -- could play so I consider this is a great find.

Last but not least is a cute dress from What A Girl Wants. There were so many dresses I wanted to take home but this is something that I don't imagine a lot of people would wear. I'm not into the habit of thinking about what to put on, but what's the use of having a stylist sister if you cannot get her expert advice?

This had been a very engaging activity, I must say. Not only was it therapeutic, it also helped me socialize with other bloggers. It's also the first time I was able to appreciate a sale. I would normally run to the opposite side of a one but I'm glad to realize that there's actually a feel-good factor in it.

The event was brought to us by Robinsons Mall. Their All-Out Clearance Sale is ongoing till August 31, 2010. Details about the sale, news and updates can be found in their Robinson's Malls Facebook Fan Page.

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  1. great haul!

    any creative output or activity is always helpful therapy for stress. are those "practice pencils" water-soluble too?

    Monopoly...old school! i love it! but we used to have the other version of that was called millionaires game. good toy choice! it's always nice to have a classic board game lying around the house. great bonding activity for friends and family, plus when there's a blackout (which is normal in manila), you have something fun to do that does not need to be plugged. :)

    be sure to blog about that dress when you finally get to wear it. :P

  2. The brushes and paints at 85 pesos only are good stuff...if only they were here in the South. I'm thinking sana of buying stuff for Isaiah since he would like to do these things for arts and crafts.

  3. Coolness! I absolutely love shopping for art supplies. Which Robinson's Mall is this?

  4. Oh hey I didn't see those in Saizen! Must grab some for myself next visit..

  5. @papaviktor
    I'm not sure if they're water-soluble, though. My Japanese vocabulary has become very thin. Haha!

    I wonder if they have Saizen in the Robinson's supermarkets. I wish for the same thing since I'm going be moving back to the South too...

    It's at Robinson's Galleria. They also have Saizen in Trinoma, I think, because that's where my sister was first invited.

    @Reluctant Stylista
    Which ones? The art stuff? Wah? I was standing there for thirty minutes, I think. I couldn't decide what to get. Haha!

  6. @Paolo
    Nahabaan din ako kaso had to write about the entire experience. Lalo na food kasi addicted ako to food photography ek.

  7. Fantastic post with great photos and an informative article, thanks! I didn't know about this place. Glad you featured it so I can go visit. I want to look at the yummy art supplies!

  8. Ei, you should! And this branch is probably closest to you. One MRT lang. :D

  9. Love the dress, sayang I can't fit into those. hehehe. sana I could talk to you sa next events, medyo late kasi ako dumating! hihi :)

  10. Hi, Dani!
    Oo nga eh, wasn't able to socialize much din except with a few familiar bloggers, although I did meet some new ones. :D

  11. oooh...saizen sure looks like an artists (or in my case: a preschool teachers!) haven :-) i should drop by and check out the supplies while they're on sale.

    by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  12. @ria
    your blog has been inspiring. it should remind me to take care of my health. ALWAYS. :D

  13. Paolo's comment, which he couldn't edit and needed to be reposted:

    I'm guilty of buying art materials from Saizen when I'm there, especially pencils/pads/erasers despite having a ton of them already. They have some good stuff there, and as you mentioned, they're cheap considering the quality.

    P.S. Ang haba naman ng article mo.


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