Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Y The Last Man

From's Product Description:
The series that has taken the US by storm comes to the UK in the first of an all-new Titan graphic novel series! From writer Brian K. Vaughan (Swamp Thing, The Hood) and up and coming artist Pia Guerra comes a view of a dystopian society where suddenly - and without warning - a mysterious plague kills every living creature on the planet with a Y other words, no more men! Except one. Amateur escape artist Yorick Brown has somehow survived. It's now a very different world, and his unique status is far from privileged. If they can't exploit Yorick, the new world powers may just decide his usefulness is at an end! 

I've read Watchmen last year. That was after more than a decade of not touching American comic books. This was followed by Marvel Zombies and finally, Y The Last Man. The last is probably the most intriguing American title I've ever come across, perhaps because it makes me curious to see how artists can imagine a world without men. (I know scientists have already begun to do so...)

Each chapter unearths the most bizarre possibilities -- considering the quirks both genders have -- and I found myself unable to stop. I read all of it in one sitting, dismissing sleep and hardly eating. But before some of you accuse me of being a man-hater (well, I've gotta admit 80% of the straight male population disgust me, the 20% are reserved for my dearest straight male family, friends and favorite artists), I have to tell you that I was rooting for Yorick (and his pet monkey) the entire time. I don't think any graphic novel has ever made my heart race the way this one did.

The Vaughan-Guerra combination is lethal. This is pure creativity released in 10 volumes. Bravo, Vertigo!

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  1. there's this city or town in kenya that is purely for women only... Astig yung story nila, they all came from abusive relationships (you know how it is in kenya) and sobrang nagiging maayos yung town nila na naiinggit na yung mga lalaki s knila. :D

  2. Ei, I've read about that in Marie Claire before. The men leave when they hit 18 but these men are the best-raised daw.

    The town has been attacked by bitter neighboring villages before pero magaling mag-rebuild from scratch yung mga babae.

  3. By men, meaning yung mga anak nitong mga babae. Pag laki nila they're so well-bred. :)

  4. I started reading this yesterday. Looks great :)

  5. I started reading this yesterday. Looks great :)


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