Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winners for the 2010 Back To School Contest (Literature meets Visual Arts)

Sorry for the delay! I had to bring in other judges because the selection had proven to be quite challenging. I've already trimmed it down to 20 of the best entries but I still had difficulty picking which ones I like the most. I definitely needed help. Anyway, here are the winners of the Back To School 2010 Contest (Tribute to Literature and Visual Arts).

Third Prize:
Regina Supapo put her layouting prowess (graphic design) to the test when she combined her illustration with her short story.

Entry for Theory of Devolution

Second Prize:
Roann de Veyra used her newfound love for handling wide-angle lenses (photography) in supporting her literary endeavor.

Entry for Enya: A Day Without Rain Review
Found in: http://undyingserenity.multiply.com/photos/album/385/A_Day_Without_Rain

First Prize:
Ana Rapsing combined her skills in typography (graphic design) and writing to come up with this.

Entry for How to Survive Numerous KILLER deadlines...
Found in: http://afflatus08.multiply.com/journal/item/6/We_still_get_them_done_anyway

Hm. I just noticed they're all female! Congratulations, girls! I'll contact you through the Skysenshi's Hermitage Fan Page so you can claim your National Bookstore gift certificates.

For those of you who are interested in finding out who the top 20 are, just head on over to the contest gallery. I just love looking at the submissions over and over and over again. It feels good to see such creativity burning in the hearts of the young ones. =^.^=

Special thanks to Ms. Agnes De Vera, Ms. Cris Dumlao, Ms. Rowena Lim Lei and Elvert dela Cruz BaƱares.

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  1. Next time, ask for gift check prizes from Expressions for this kind of Back to School contests, and we'll provide

  2. Waha, thanks. :) I normally just get donations like these for scholarly purposes.


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