Sunday, July 25, 2010

Open City: Raphael Patnubay Pagarigan's 2nd Solo Exhibit

Raphael Patnubay Pagarigan's 2nd solo exhibition opened on July 24, 2010 at the Boston Gallery in Cubao, Quezon City. The artist is actually the brother of my colleague, Luna Pagarigan (Game Design and Development lecturer at Asia Pacific College).

I noticed that he uses very bold strokes in some parts and fine strokes in other parts of his paintings. The approach is kind of...different, actually. I found myself just staring at the details, wondering what was going on in the artist's head. Bakit ganoon siya humagod? (This is part of the reason why I want to get an Art Studies degree, maybe after I finish my PhD dissertation.)

War Heroes (oil on canvas)

Protected by Wood (oil on canvas)

Now here's my ultimate favorite work. It seems like Raphael Pagarigan's best are always in triptychs. I have a thing for diptychs and triptychs myself. I can't afford them, obviously, so I literally go around looking for them. Then I just stare. And take photos. Haha!

Open City (oil on canvas)

Open City is definitely the highlight of the exhibit, since the work and the show itself share the same title. My lens could never perfectly capture its exquisite colors and textures so I'm left to simply marvel. And curse the moneyed individual who's lucky enough to take this beauty home.

 Semi-full view of War Heroes

Some thoughts: The Pagarigan family reminds me so much of my own. Luna and I are both the eldest child; both with an inclination towards the arts but pursued technical degrees and jobs. Just to be different. While our siblings are much more prolific in the realm of the visual arts, Luna and my strengths lie in straddling design and technology. I am very proud of my siblings and I felt Luna's pride -- as if we were kindred spirits -- while she toured me around her brother's show.

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  1. Long live the spirit of the Filipino artist!

  2. Every time I visit exhibits like this, I realize that I want more people to know about these fine young artists. (We'll actually, Raphael is my age, haha!)

  3. love the pics! pag may bahay na ako sa pinas ima buy paintings like these

  4. Apparently, Raphael has been making waves. I've been getting emails about him. Gusto ko rin magkaroon ng bahay so I can finally buy his works. Gaganda talaga.

  5. such an exceptional! congratulations!=)

  6. love the pics! pag may bahay na ako sa pinas ima buy paintings like these


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