Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to deal with power outages: Back to Basics

I woke up this morning to witness a really weird yellow sky. I wasn't sure if it were because I didn't get enough sleep (power outage began at roughly midnight) or the sky really was jaundiced. Here's a snapshot from my window.

Realizing that it was futile to attempt sleep, I got out of bed at 6AM and checked all my electronic gadgets. Laptop battery died at around 3AM. PSP was also almost dead. Ditto with my camera. My teeth were giving me hell, as they always do when I'm in dire need of sleep, so I wanted to distract myself.

I wanted to blog so bad but I had nothing. I forgot all my colored pens at my parents' house. Luckily, I remembered that Nath (Rondina) had given me a bunch of felt-tipped pens last semester. I unearthed them from underneath my bed.

I grabbed my notebook and began to scribble. So my real blog entry -- well, it's basically a rant about how awful my day started -- can be found in this notebook page:

On the bright side, I finished 3 and a half books today. It's just that my head is pounding from the lack of food and decent ventilation.

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  1. Just wondering...why do you need colored pens to "blog" on your notebook? ;)

  2. Because I have ADHD. LOL. I always need a change of something or I'll get bored. It's harder to write on notebook than to type on a keyboard (which gives super fast results).

  3. I wasn't able to go back to sleep when I got a text from my boss saying we don't have work because of the power outage because I was already drinking coffee that time. Haha. I spent the day cross-stitching. Grabe, many years in the making na ang current project ko, haha. But it was actually nice to go back to that activity, because most of the time now I'm facing a PC.

  4. Yeah! I did notice I miss going old school.

  5. Oh and incidentally, another friend of mine replied to this via Facebook and she had a similar experience.

    Maria Teresa Carmela Montemayor
    remember the power outages during cory's time? i learned to do cross-stitching and i loved it. hehehe! oh no! do i have to re-learn that skilll again? nope. just to keep myself sane yesterday, finished reading the necromancer from the books series of the michael scott, the secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel.

  6. Ha, we also have the same first two names! :D Nag-start ako when our mom presented us all with kits as gifts, but we didn't care for it so much so they were abandone. Nung naging project naman in home eco nung grade 6 or 7 I became officially hooked.

  7. Where I live on a small island the power frequently goes out especially in the winter during gales. I have a plastic bin and it's full of markers, oil pastels, pencil crayons, paper, notebooks, sketchbooks, paints and brushes and all kinds of other creative stuff. I use these "breaks" to make greeting cards and to write letters which I like to "decorate" with my artwork.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Best wishes. :)

  8. @timethief
    Whoa! Those are a lot of creative tools! I actually dream of having a studio or warehouse I could do artsy stuff with.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for enjoying your time here. :)


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