Saturday, June 05, 2010

We Are... Artists of the Code

"That computer programming language, which we game authors wield like paints and brushes, is merely a medium. As multimedia artists, we must strive to elevate the value of art above the medium. (Ok, now go read up on Aristotle's Organic Unity of Art.)"

I once posted the words written above as a status message. I forgot what triggered it, but it was some sort of a defense mechanism against both artists and programmers alike that do not understand which category artist-programmers belong to.  We are indeed artists. We are also designers. The code is our medium.

Today, I had in my WEBDES2 class (Advanced Web Design) my previous HUCOMIN (Human-Computer Interaction) students.  While doing one of my lectures, which sometimes feel like stand-up comedies, my mouth went ahead of me and uttered a tag line that suddenly felt like the right fit for us multimedia artists.

We are artists of the code.

To illustrate the kind of artistry I mean, let me just share with you a video of a very very bored artist-programmer. Watch how he creates an anime-ish character out of notepad and a bunch of HTML codes.

Of course, this might be an exaggeration or a parody...but, you know what I mean.

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    1) amf! he's japanese!
    2) addict!
    3) wow! really really really really really really bored :P
    4) it's like etch-a-sketch!

    I guess it is but natural for us to make everything we use look beautiful, especially when we use it ALL the time. The internet and its websites have undergone tremendous changes, not just in function but also form.

    I guess web designers are like industrial designers of the 21st century, only our artworks are not exactly tangible. Take the computer for example, for those who were born before the iMac or Alienware, the computer was just a plain looking plastic box with a black with green text when we think of a computer, we see a sleek and stylish, eco-friendly titanium made piece of machinery with an interface that just screams "Wow!", both very powerful and very pretty (admitted mac lover...LOL!). Web designers put the "Wow!" in surfing the internet, makes everything we look at and "research" online aesthetically appealing (maybe that's why we surf a lot more now, cause everything just looks so purty!).

    Everybody can hold a brush...but not everyone can harness the true power of the code. :P

  2. Um...yeah, I can hold a brush. Just hold it. Hahahahahaha!

  3. hahaha, me too! just hold it. :P

  4. Chorva ka, papavik ha. You are a painting major. =P I wish I could be half as good with the brush as you are. :)

  5. My contest entry:

    It's somewhat like a riddle. medyo korny. I'm not good at writing. T_T

  6. I did another entry, because my first entry was wrong. just something simple:

    and another ridiculous one xD:

  7. My brain 'sploded after watching the video...:))

    Contest entry link:

  8. Me, too. I was catching my breath. I don't think I can draw with HTML. LOL!

  9. Inspired from my other entry XD:

  10. I did another entry, because my first entry was wrong. just something simple:

    and another ridiculous one xD:


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