Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kirara can tell...

That I'm leaving for the USA (just for a bit). She's usually a lot sweeter to my sister, though goodness knows, my sister abuses her a lot. Like if Leki lived in the US, she'd prolly be jailed for animal rights violation or something.

Kira is usually content to sleep at my feet or beside me or in some warm nook she can find, unlike with Leki. She literally sleeps on top of Leki or in that little crevice between my sis and her pillow.

Today, however, she just kept meowing and meowing and wouldn't stop. I looked at her dish, it still had food so I switched on my laptop and sat down. That's when she showed signs of wanting to sit on my lap -- standing on her hind legs and placing her paws on my chair -- so I stood up. Then she kept meowing and meowing and meowing again. I relented and sat down. She quickly climbed on my lap, slept and purred like there's no tomorrow.

'Course, that was before I decided to take a picture through my webcam (didn't have the heart to stand up and get my dSLR), which woke her up. She probably sensed I was not going to be around for a few days. Adorable little stinker.

legioastartes wrote on Oct 20, '09
criys wrote on Oct 20, '09
aww... sweet. (sounds like kirara is some kind of masochist XD )
lekimumu wrote on Oct 21, '09
Grabe sobrang dark na ni Kirara! Mata na lang nakikita sa picture mo hahaha! At nilaglag mo pa ko sa entry na to LOL
skysenshi wrote on Oct 21, '09
lekimumu said
Grabe sobrang dark na ni Kirara! Mata na lang nakikita sa picture mo hahaha! At nilaglag mo pa ko sa entry na to LOL 
hahaha! oo nga, pag mac ganyan ka-dark kumuha pero sa mac hindi naman siya dark. hrn. kanina rin di niya ako tinantanan. sunod ng sunod habang nagpa-pack ako.

nasa airport na ako as i type this.
mtcsmonti wrote on Oct 23, '09
cats can really be so sweet. my two cats usually competes with each other on who gets to sleep on my tummy first. hehehe! when i arrive at home and see akira (white tabby cat) and effie (yellow tabby cat) i'd put my ear beside their purring tummy. hehehe!

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