Friday, April 11, 2008

Full-Page Coverages of "World of Pun" Exhibit

*Sigh* It's great that Manila Bulletin covered my kids' (by ABMA43's Ryo, Cris and Jerold) exhibit. This wonderful showcase of talent was, of course, curated by Elvert. Not only that, three of our National Artists were there to witness it.

Opening night was a blast, as everything really fell into place. Performing artists were there to introduce us to mild puns right before the viewing. I swear, all that OCness is really worth it!

I hope the article that will come up in Philippine Daily Inquirer and that other newspaper will be more accurate. I'll post them here when I receive the new scans.

Congrats, guys! That was one heckuva collaboration! I'd give my kidney to see it again. Hehehe.

EDIT: Added Malaya coverage.
EDIT (06-24-08): Adding links to other papers that featured the story:
Intellectual Property Office
Mindanao Daily Mirror
Business World
Business World

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