Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spot.PH Launch at CAV Wine Bar and Restaurant

Went with Rowena. I love these events. Delicious food, wine...and freebies. Hehehe. We weren't able to get a picture of Myrza Sison again, though.  I hate not having my own photos so I borrowed these from Ro.

I had a difficult time keeping up with the wines because the food provided were supposed to be sampler sizes. I should've eaten beforehand because I ended up very very tipsy. The combinations on the menu were well-matched, though. Each dish complemented its respective wine perfectly.  Also got a dose of Chocolate Confections, which I reviewed in a separate entry.
 Menu for wine pairing activity.

I forgot what this is called but it was delicious.

Huhuhuhu, I'm a plebian who can't identify sophisticated dishes!

Rowena and me with our chocolates and cupcakes.

With Marie Claire's Nicole Bulatao.

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