Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dead Fantasy 1: DoA and FF Girls Face-Off

The guy who did this is a friggin' genius!
(Lots of time in his hands, too. XD)

Anyhoo, even though the Dead or Alive fighters will always have fanboys slobbering after them, I'll always be rooting for the amazons of Final Fantasy...especially the hottie that comes in at the last part.  Woohooo! 

I mean, come on!  Two against one, then three against two?? The FF girls are always outnumbered so....the last FF girl to come in must definitely kick some major ass!

Comments from the old blog:

skysenshi wrote on Nov 3, '07, edited on Nov 3, '07
on a side note: yuna looked really tired near the end. pagtulungan ka ba naman nung nag-iisa ka eh.

kaoko commented on my LJ about having yuffie in it and i do agree. i can't imagine the earlier FF heroines participating in this 'cause they're all medieval. the FF8 heroines, on the other hand, seem too...girly for this sort of thing.

anthalas wrote on Nov 4, '07
tifa! *drool*

skysenshi wrote on Nov 4, '07, edited on Nov 4, '07
tifa! *drool*
haaay, so far you're the only geek who recognized her. the rest think that this cast is full of FFX2 girls. (even the youtube peeps uploaded the video with titles that only pertain to FFX2.)

methinks the rest of my contacts were either too young to have played FFVII or they just don't play video games. they post comments in zaido and my random sad quotes, but not in something that's actually fun.


burnxxiii wrote on Nov 4, '07
amp! bitin!

astig to miss bea! hehe! galing!! ^^

skysenshi wrote on Nov 5, '07
amp! bitin!

astig to miss bea! hehe! galing!! ^^
this is the future of fanfiction/fan art.

gawa din kayo. hehehehehe!

shizofree wrote on Nov 7, '07
ftw! tifa nga nman. although parang mshado singkit.

and although ff girls are outnumbered, at 2 on 2 panalo cla.

selectstart wrote on Nov 7, '07, edited on Nov 7, '07
hahaha... nice... patay DOA girls kay tifa... punong puno ng materia ung braso. hahaha.

skysenshi wrote on Nov 8, '07
hahaha... nice... patay DOA girls kay tifa... punong puno ng materia ung braso. hahaha.
oo nga. pero di naman sa balat nilalagay yun di ba? sa weapons and armors ang pagkakaalam ko.

carloaraneta wrote on Mar 3, '08
kala ko naruto ang action nila hahaha

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