Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prelude to an Article

She sat there, sipping her green tea while contemplating his finely chiseled features.  He wasn't exactly staring back, just gazing -- with avid fixation -- at something to her right.  The man had that nasty habit, of not looking when he was intensely looking and looking when he seemed like he wasn't looking. For the last few months, she had come to enjoy this rather confusing non-relationship relationship she had with him.  It had been a wild roller-coaster ride.  But something had to be said.

She waited for a few seconds before finally daring to speak: "You know what?"

His forefinger pushed his eyeglasses upward before raising a single eyebrow.  She took that as a sign that he was prompting her to continue.  Resisting the urge to adjust her own eyeglasses, she went on.  "You are probably one of the rare reliable men I've met and I could say that I could probably fall for you."

He smiled, cocked his head to one side and said, "But?"

"I don't trust you."

And they both laughed.  All the way to next Tuesday.

NOTE: I was actually asked to write an article about conflicts by  _bump! magazine's editor-in-chief. This mini-story played in my mind while I was searching for the right words. This is not the article, though. Haha!

COMMENTS from the old blog:
drewbocz wrote on Jun 14, '07
"sipping her green tea" as an opening scene sounds a bit cliche. Have her do something else.

But then again, it's NOT the article...;-p

skysenshi wrote on Jun 14, '07
"sipping her green tea" as an opening scene sounds a bit cliche. Have her do something else.
can't. hirap i-explain why you can't have her do something else, but she really was sipping her green tea (at an italian restaurant that i won't name because then it wouldn't be fiction anymore). hahahahahaha!

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