Friday, October 27, 2006

Network Society (Initial Reaction)

My super long reaction paper, which cannot be contained inside a blog, will be posted in PDF format tomorrow (deadline). For now, suffice to say that I found Manuel Castells lacking the kind of clarity and verbosity inherent in Kevin Kelly and HCI proponent John Carroll. And here I thought John Carroll's compilations were badly written. Turns out that his theorists, despite their rocket science English (even worse than Castells'), are easier to comprehend because they are equipped with computational formalisms and algorithmic patterns that have actually been already used by TELCOS. This basically makes their work easier for me to summarize, given that Math is one of the easiest subjects in the world.

The funny thing with Castells' paper? The writing style reminds me so much of the readings that my UP professors would dump on our laps before they'd go on weeks long hiatus. They'd reappear only during mid terms and finals, assuming that we've already digested the information and attempt to kill us with confusing questions. Fun. (At least Sir Bingoe only gave us a few pages to read.)

Don't get me wrong. I think I'll enjoy writing this paper. Hehe.

COMMETS from the old blog:
acid42 wrote on Oct 27, '06
Math is NOT the easiest subject in the world. Hmph! 

skysenshi wrote on Oct 27, '06
acid42 said
Math is NOT the easiest subject in the world. Hmph!
it is kaya! it's the same in every country! :P (i hated statistics, though.)

skysenshi wrote on Oct 27, '06
acid42 said
NOT the easiest subject
Ay onga...I didn't say it's the easiest subject. I said, it's one of the easiest. Mas madali English and History eh. I hated Science with a passion, especially Chemistry.

acid42 wrote on Oct 27, '06
Flunked algebra in 2nd yr HS (final grade: 74) and geometry in 3rd yr HS (final grade: 74) . And had to take summer classes for both years which I topped with a grade of 95..... Mainly because my geometry summer teacher was a pretty chinita lady who so enraptured me, I took to memorizing my theorems with PASSION.

SO I would say MATH is one of the most DIFFICULT subjects for me... unless the teacher's cute. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skysenshi wrote on Oct 28, '06
acid42 said 
memorizing my theorems  
This is exactly the reason why students are so afraid of math. Teachers making them memorize theorems. Kung tutuusin sobrang common sense lang naman na pag nag-bisect ka ng parallel lines, pareho yung angle ng taas at baba na magkatapat. Most of geometry is common sense kaso pahirap masyado mga teachers nung high school.

Eh pag dating naman sa entrance exams, iisa lang ang formula na panggagalingan ng isasagot mo. Derive derive ka na lang. If I were a geometry teacher, gagawin ko open notes yan. Pero hihirapan ko problems. Hehe.

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